All members, please test download with 1fichier and leave your comments.


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As recently Subyshare always has problem, I try to find a backup file host. Furthermore, if possible, I may consider to use the other free or very cheap file host to reduce the overall price, and give you the cheapest price than all the other websites. But don’t worry, no matter whether to add other file host or not, you will always have Suby links to download.  


The ideal backup file host is

  1. Free or very cheap. As you already purchased Subyshare, you don’t need to spend more for other file host.
  2. Files can be saved forever.
  3. Allow to save large files, at least up to 10GB.
  4. No very small daily download bandwidth, at least up to 25-40GB daily bandwidth as Subyshare.


Currently, I only find 1fichier as best option. 1fichier gives even free users a fine download speed, plus its premium price 10 Euro per year (Damn! Price just doubled, last week it was 5 Euro), and no limit on storage and download bandwidth.

The only problem is that 1fichier’s main server is at Europe and USA, may not have good support to Asian countries.  

(For Chinese users, at least I know 1fichier doesn’t have good support in China. So please use Europe VPN and download accelerating tool like IDM to see whether you can get a fine speed.)


Suggest to use download tools, like Jdownload 2, IDM, or Free Download Manager ( to test.


1fichier offers a premium speed test for everyone. It is free! You can test your download speed just like you have a 1fichier premium account. Go to

Test to download 

– Without SSL // 
– With SSL // 

– IPV4 – Without SSL // 
– IPV4 – With SSL // 

– IPV6 – Without SSL // 
– IPV6 – With SSL //


So, please test your download speed and give me feedback. Just leave your comments on this post, your download speed, your country, or any good suggestions you may have.


(Right now all comments have to be approved by me before published. This is a bug, I try to disable it, but cannot. So please just leave your comments, I will approve them all.)





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10 Responses to All members, please test download with 1fichier and leave your comments.

  1. wingchung3 says:

    I didn’t register and for free it was a good download speed for USA. If you go with it, then I will register to get a faster speed.

  2. jsdryan says:

    Download as free account

    900 KB/s, Taiwan

    100M/40M network.

  3. an6am5iv4 says:

    The speed goes back and forth between 250 and 550KB/s, and the roughly averaging 400KB/s. (JP)

  4. Hagliod says:

    Between 13 MB/s and 18 MB/s
    From Europe

  5. an6am5iv4 says:

    All the links were about 1MB/s. (JP)

  6. kimura9988 says:

    around 500kb/s at asia.

  7. Lateraliss says:

    I don’t know what SSL and Without SSL means, but I tried both. SSL got me 15-18MB/s, Without SSL got me 4MB/s. U.S. my internet speed is 200Mbps.

    P.S. Aika is best JAV girl.

  8. YoshihiroNarumi says:

    about 1mb/s at jp

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