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Registration steps


Step 1. Register new  Subyshare account under this link  Registration_or_renew_at_JpVRPorn.rar. (しいアカウントを登録する, 必須 このリンク。註冊新的Subyshare賬號,必須是在這個文件鏈接下註冊。)


If you already have an old Subyshare account, you must abandon and logout the old one, and register a new one with new email under above link.




(如果您有舊的Subyshare賬號,您必須拋棄這個舊賬號。在Subyshare 網站上退出舊賬號,然後用新郵箱在上面這個鏈接下註冊一個新賬號。)


Attention!!! It is not allowed to use proxy/VPN/VPS/tor during registration at Subyshare. Subyshare will ban your account immediately if you try to hide your IP. Subyshare has a big library which includes most IP addresses of proxy/VPN/VPS, so please don’t challenge this, you will be banned. (Only for Chinese users: 中国大陆用户,由于大陆网络限制问题,您在下载时可能需要使用proxy/VPN提速,这是允许的。但您在注册Subyshare账号和购买会员时千万别用proxy/VPN,会导致您花钱买的账户被封掉。)


Step 2. Login with your new Subyshare account,go back to  Registration_or_renew_at_JpVRPorn.rar, and choose a premium package to purchase. (あなたのプレミアムパッケージを選択してください。選擇一種貴賓類型包購買。)

There is a download limit only for  [Exclusive 独占] vids (which are very rare vids, you cannot find from other websites). If you choose 30 or 75 days package, you can download 2 Exclusive vids per day. If you choose 180 or more days package, you are Gold member and can download 3 Exclusive vids per day.


Step 3. Send an email to [email protected] with following information: (メールを送ります。給這個郵箱地址發郵件,需包含以下內容。)

Email title: New user registration

User name at Subyshare:

Premium purchase date at Subyshare:

Premium package (How many days):

Your country:

Email for registration at

(Please make sure email address is correct, access info will be sent to email you provided)


Step 4. Within 12 hours (a few minutes if I am just online) after you sent email, you will receive an email with your username and password. (電子メールを受け取るを含むユーザー名とパスワード,ログイン。收到本站有用戶名和密碼的郵件,登錄。)

You can change your password after login under your profile, if you want.



Now login at, ENJOY!  😆

(Please be aware that your membership access to will be expired on the same day as your Subyshare premium account ending.)






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