Rules of downloading


1. Don’t share your user account with another person. System will immediately ban your account when it is logged in from multi IPs.


2. Don’t use  VPN/VPS/proxy/tor to hide your IP. Subyshare will ban anyone who uses VPN/VPS/proxy/tor during premium account purchase.


3. Download limit for [Exclusive 独占] vids

Vid marked with [Exclusive 独占] means this vid is rare and purchased by myself from DMM, which cannot be found on other downloading websites. There is a download limit for this kind of vid:

Download links of [Exclusive 独占] vids are saved in txt files. Subscriber (purchasing 30 or 75 days) can download 2 txt link files per day. Subscriber-Gold (purchasing 180 or more days) can download 3 txt link files per day.

The download counts will be reset after 1 day (24 hours) of your last download. 


Attention! DO NOT REPEAT downloading SAME txt file more than 15 mins, it will WASTE your download numbers. When you click “download”, a txt file must be already saved on your PC. Check the setting of your browser, to find where the file is saved (default is under C:\Users\(your PC user)\Downloads).


Warning! It is NOT ALLOWED to share [Exclusive 独占] vids to anywhere else. They are for your personal collections. Anyone posting Exclusive vids to other websites/forums will get a permanent ban of IP and account on both JpVRPorn and Subyshare! Your detailed download history (which file, time, IP, OS…) is recorded, so please don’t challenge this.


(Please understand why I set the download limit and do not allow sharing to other websites. You know the price of each vid on DMM, and it is also very time consuming to crack and convert every vid. The rare vids leaked to other websites will directly influence my earning. Less my earning, less vids I can provide to you. So if you want more rare and special vids, please follow the above rules.)    




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